Paul Lippert's
Music for Kids
& Families

Meet Paul

Paul Lippert makes music for kids, grown-ups, and pets of all ages. Teenagers sometimes make faces but usually enjoy his music, too.

Paul's latest album for kids, "Humpty Jumpty", won awards and acclaim ranging from Disney's Family Fun magazine and Child Magazine's "Top 10 For Kids" to a NAPPA Gold Award, Learning Magazine's Teacher's Choice For The Family Award, and a Parents' Choice Recommendation.

His previous family recordings include "Rainbow In The Sky" ("... a memorable recording" - Publishers' Weekly) and "In The Same Boat", a collaboration with singer and educator Sue Ribaudo that was awarded "Gold" status from Parents' Choice.

In addition to his music for kids and families, Paul plays music intended for grownups and teens, with albums including "Life Is Changing" and "Democracy For Lovers". [add link to]

He has played in concert halls, festivals, parks, schools, conferences, coffeehouses, subway stations, libraries, bookstores, and on the radio. Some of his favorite gigs include appearances at the Children’s Museum of Cincinnati, the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, the Chicago Public Library, and Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival.

Paul is married, has three daughters who are now teenagers and beyond, and lives outside Seattle. He's a Harvard College graduate, has been to 49 of the 50 United States and is exactly two meters tall.