Paul Lippert's
Music for Kids
& Families

Free Music for Schools

We have a supply of free music cassettes that we would like to distribute to teachers and principals at schools that teach children from preschool through grade six.

Why are they free? Most stores that carry our music no longer carry cassettes, so we find ourselves with a bounty of cassettes. We’d like to share these with schools and teachers.

How do I get a free cassette? You can email us from your school email account and request a cassette, or you can mail a letter to Tall Tunes, PO Box 881, Edmonds, WA 98020 and request that a copy be sent to your school. Please include a complete shipping address and an email address so we can confirm your shipment.

What titles are available? Currently, we
have copies of In The Same Boat, Rainbow
in The Sky, and Earth Celebration. You can
request a particular title, but we reserve
the right to substitute if your request is
no longer available.

I'm not a teacher, but I want my
child's neighborhood school to
get free music
! Just pass this information
on to a teacher at your local school.

Offer valid only in the
U.S.& Canada while supplies last.